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Der Preis der Dienstleistung ist im individuellen Angebot enthalten, welches nach Ihrer Angebotsanfrage per E-Mail zugesendet wurde und Bestandteil der Bestellung ist. Richtpreise finden Sie auf der Homepage. /The price of the service is included in the individual offer, which was sent by e-mail after your request for a quote and is part of the order. You can find guide prices on the home page.

Web Design Commission Contract


Set up on the website by the entrepreneur/managing director/individual who fills in the order form and provides his data as the client – hereinafter referred to as the client,

as well as

Erika Judit Sóki, self-employed (self-employed)
Head office: 7742 Bogád, 48-as u. 3.
E-mail address:
Telephone number: +36 30 136-4503
Electronic correspondence form:
Registration number: 54641604 Check:
Activity report: municipal clerk of Bogád
Tax number: 55899037-1-22
Adult Education Information System (FAR) Registration Number: B/2020/002129.
Information on data management:
Terms and Conditions:
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-85743180
TEV.: 620103 Web design

as commissioned designer – hereinafter: commissioned – between as follows:

The order and/or the concluded contract are deemed to be in writing.

The written data of the contract are equal to the data of the order.

When you place your order, we will send you an e-mail with the details of the conclusion of the contract.

The contractual and communication language is Hungarian.

The service advisor reserves the right to partially or completely restrict or deactivate content and offers for all users or a group of users.

Anyone is entitled to use the Service upon validly and successfully registering on the Website, completing and submitting a valid application/order/appointment booking form and acknowledging that the provisions of this Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions are binding on them.

Soki JUDIT ERIKA eV. – SOLAWEBDESIGN, as a WEB DESIGNER, CONSULTANT, provides services related to the creation of websites/webshops, website conversion, design of graphic elements, website development, management training for the customer.

concept definitions

Domain name, domain registration – a name used to identify you on the internet. Creating a domain name is a domain registration, the condition of which is that the domain name to be registered is free.

Hosting registration, request – The domain used on the Internet forms the storage space that ensures the size of the page, its upload and use

Identity Design – Designing the colors, graphics, fonts, and layout required for the ad

Content – audio, video, images, flash or other data displayed by the customer based on the customer’s ideas and concepts. The concept of content does not include the program running the site system and its source code written in any programming language.

Individual Website – a website whose content can be browsed on the Internet using a browser program at the Internet address requested/marked by the Customer.

Source Code – the computer program and programming language that operates the Site System owned by Trustee.

Source Code User – a natural or legal person who, based on a mutual agreement between the Agent and the Client, has the right to use the Site System source code through the Client or the Website Operator.

Basic material – content mentioned by the client in the work phase of image creation and which the client has made available to the client.


JUDIT ERIKA SÓKI ev. – SOLAWEBDESIGN, as a representative, carries out web design, development of websites, web shops, conversion, training activities and provides graphic design services according to the data filled in the order form (available at megrendeles/) upon purchase a selected service.

The client sends a PERFORMANCE REPORT to the client via email.


mEGBÍZOTT explains that its activities are customer-oriented and largely related to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Within the scope of its activity, it provides services in a professional, understandable manner, in accordance with the law and the economic environment.

The parties present an order contract for consulting, web design AND WEBSITE/webstore development, EXTENSION INSTALLATION, training according to the completed order form for the duration of the TASK PERFORMANCE.

Part of the contract is the order form, which our system generates on the website based on the data filled in online and which

CUSTOMERS will also be sent an e-mail as confirmation.

For all other assignments that do not include this assignment contract, a new contract applies.

How to set up the website: Based on the credentials provided, the agent downloads the desired sales extension, sets it up on the website’s editing interface and instructs it to be used with online conferencing tools (e.g.: Zoom, Meet, Skype) a , Messenger, etc.).


Method of consultation and enlightenment: Online meeting using online conferencing tools (e.g.: Zoom, Meet, Skype, Messenger, etc.). Additional tools for consultation: Email, Website, Jamboard, Trello. The online tools are used based on an agreement between the parties and as needed. Taking into account the epidemic situation, the consultation process can also include a face-to-face meeting at a mutually agreed place.


The client pays the specified fee for the service selected on the ORDER FORM (in individual cases, the fee included in the individual offer) for the authorized activity as follows:

An advance payment of 50% is to be made on the day of final submission of the order form based on the invoice to the bank account indicated on the invoice with a payment period of 8 days.

50% of the fee is to be paid on the day of delivery of the service rendered according to the invoice to the bank account indicated on the invoice with a payment period of 8 days.

The CUSTOMER acknowledges that the agent will start the activity related to this ordered service after the deposit of 50% has been credited (received) to the agent’s bank account.

A beneficiary is a tax-exempt low-tax entrepreneur, therefore the commission fee is not subject to sales tax.

The trustee declares that he is a TAXLIABLE entrepreneur.

If the customer does not meet his payment obligation and the customer asks him to do so, the customer can terminate the contract for the ordered service with immediate effect.


By ordering the service, the contracting parties agree to provide the web design services selected on the order form and/or for the specified period.

When using a new service, it is necessary to fill out a new order/order form/appointment booking form.

The customer and the customer can change the parameters of the ordered/started service only by mutual agreement.


The parties clearly agree that they will work closely together, inform each other and share and communicate all kinds of information and materials that will lead to the successful completion of the ordered service.

Privacy Policy

The parties mutually undertake to treat confidentially all facts, information and data that become known to them during the provision of the service and/or in connection with it – hereinafter jointly: “Confidential Information”. As part of their obligation to maintain confidentiality, they may not make the confidential information that has become known to them accessible to unauthorized persons, nor disclose it, nor transmit it, nor make it public.

The parties acknowledge that the confidentiality obligation they have assumed also extends to third parties involved in the fulfillment and implementation of the individual order contract. The parties are obliged to inform these persons of the confidentiality obligation contained in this contract and to comply with it.

The obligation of confidentiality remains indefinitely after the end of the legal relationship between the parties, unless mandatory legal provisions provide otherwise. After termination of the legal relationship, for whatever reason, the contractor is obliged, at the discretion of the client, to immediately return or destroy all documents containing confidential data, as well as copies made or records to which they refer, subject to a duty of confidentiality .

An exception to confidentiality occurs when either party discloses confidential information in order to comply with its legal obligations.

In the event of a violation of the above confidentiality rules, the parties are mutually liable for damages – in addition to other legal consequences.


The authorized representative undertakes to carry out the tasks described in this contract in accordance with the statutory provisions, in full compliance with the professional regulations and with the greatest possible care that can be expected from him.


The parties agree that

this contract, except in cases of force majeure, can only be terminated within 10 days after conclusion of the contract, at the latest 24 hours before using the service, without legal consequences.

By signing this contract, the client agrees to be included in the client’s list of references.

For matters that are not regulated in this contract, the provisions of the Civil Code apply.

The parties agree that any disputes arising between them shall be settled through arbitration. If this fails, the contracting parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pécs Járási Bíróság to settle their legal disputes arising from the legal relationship established by this contract.

This Agreement can be viewed online in Hungarian at and downloaded in PDF format.

In matters that are not regulated in the contract, the general terms and conditions apply. Contact:

Valid 06/17/2022. from the vis