Code of Ethics
1. Introductory provisions

The Company is committed to legal, ethical and transparent operation.

While performing their job duties, our employees are always obliged to act legally and ethically, with the best interests of our Company in mind. This code of ethics (“Code of Ethics”) defines the basic guidelines, but does not regulate in detail all forms of expected ethical behavior.

2.     Compliance with Legislation

The Company knows and complies with the legal regulations and commercial practices of legal business operations.

Our employees must always follow the relevant laws and regulations, including the Code of Ethics. Our employees must ensure proper and legal operation and perform their duties accurately and fairly.

3.     Fair Business Conduct

The Enterprise participates in the business competition and does not in any way permit the violation of the fairness of any bidding process. The Company refrains from infringing on business competition, tarnishing the reputation of any of its business partners and any behavior that damages the credibility of its competitors.

Our employees are responsible for conducting business fairly while performing their duties. Therefore, they must be particularly careful to ensure that their commercial activities do not harm competition. This also means that employees may not collude on prices or enter into any formal or informal agreement with any competitor regarding prices, discounts, terms of business or operations and the channels in which the Business competes if such collusion or agreement is contrary to the applicable competition laws.

In addition, employees are responsible for building a relationship of trust with consumers and business partners. Consumers and business partners must be treated fairly, taking into account the requirement of equal treatment.

4.     Action against corruption

The Enterprise is firmly against all forms of corruption.

Our employees do everything they can to prevent bribery in the government and private sectors, regardless of the cause. They are prohibited from directly or indirectly offering, giving or even accepting anything of value to obtain, retain or promote business.

5.     Confidentiality

During fair business operations, it is of the utmost importance to preserve business secrets, as this is the fundamental interest of the Enterprise.

Our employees are obliged to treat confidentially and confidentially all information that comes to their attention during the performance of their job duties and that is not generally known or available to the public. For example, employees may not trade stocks while in possession of non-public information and may not disclose non-public information to others without the Company’s express permission.

6.     Privacy

The Company acknowledges that personal information is sensitive data and must ensure employees and other natural persons that their personal data is processed in a lawful manner.

Employees must ensure the security, protection and integrity of personal data by following appropriate, legal practices.

7.     Recording, reporting, financial integrity

The Company’s books, records, accounting and financial statements must be sufficiently detailed and properly reflect the Company’s transactions. The Company strongly opposes all forms of money laundering and maintains business relations only with partners that are engaged in legitimate business activities financed from legal sources.

Employees are required to follow the Company’s accounting procedures to ensure that all transactions are recorded and documented in accordance with applicable regulations.

8.     Human Rights

The Company respects the human dignity and rights of all persons with whom the Company and its employees come into contact while working, including the Company’s own employees, and in no way causes or contributes to the violation or circumvention of human rights.

Employees act respectfully in all their activities and treat everyone with due attention and respect for their dignity. Violence and threatening behavior are not allowed.

9.     Adverse discrimination and harassment

The Company provides equal opportunities in all areas of employment and does not tolerate any unlawful discrimination or harassment. Both direct and indirect discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, interest representation, political or other opinion, nationality, partner is prohibited.

on the basis of family origin, financial situation, birth or other characteristics.

Employees are obliged to refrain from any form of discrimination.

10. Working conditions

The Company does its best to encourage equality in its employment practices. It strongly opposes the employment or contracting of child workers and any form of forced or compulsory labor. The Enterprise condemns all forms of undeclared work, which distorts competition and destroys the financial foundations of the national social security and tax system.

Employees must act with integrity and show the utmost respect for their colleagues and others.

11.  Environmental and labor protection

The Company provides a clean, safe and healthy working environment. On the basis of risk analysis and mitigation measures, it regularly carries out safety inspections of employees. In addition to these standards, the Company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations by reducing the use of non-renewable resources (e.g. energy and water) and the emission of harmful substances and waste. Employees are obliged to contribute to the minimization of harmful emissions to the environment.

All employees are responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace by complying with occupational health and safety rules and reporting accidents and conditions and behavior that pose a safety risk.

12. Conflict of Interest

The Company’s decisions are based on an objective and fair assessment of the situation, during which the possibility of influence is avoided. The Company does not allow its managers, representatives, and employees to use the Company’s assets, information, personal data, or position to gain personal benefits or to compete with the Company.

Employees are expected to act according to their sound judgment at all times and in every way in the performance of their job duties, keeping in mind the best interests of the Company. A “conflict of interest” exists when an employee’s personal interest (or potentially that of his acquaintances or family) does not coincide with the best interest of the Company.

13. Questions; reporting violations of regulations

The Company is always open to answering any questions and will not allow any employee to be disadvantaged by reporting in good faith the illegal behavior of others. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Employees must consult with the competent persons, e.g. with the owner, his legal representatives or any member of the management, if they have questions about the application of the Code of Ethics, or if they have doubts about what behavior to follow in a certain situation. Employees are required to cooperate with internal investigations of potential or suspected misconduct. Employees must also report suspicions of non-compliance with the rules.